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Your house is your most important investment. Not only does it become your sanctuary for your family against the busyness of the world outside, but it is your protection from the elements. When wind, rain, and ice come, you will want assurance that your home can withstand everything. This is especially true of your roof!

The professionals at Avamer Roofing have seen the damage rainstorms can do because of a poorly installed roof. Not only does the roof suffer damage, but the house often does as well due to water damage. You can’t get a return on your roof’s installation, so choosing the right roofing company with the right reputation is essential. This is where Avamer Roofing excels. With over 20 years of experience working in the Delmarva area, we know what your roof is up against, and we install the shingles and waterproofing right the first time.

Our Roof Installation Process

The roofing and construction business has seen improvements in both materials and techniques, and Avamer Roofing will bring both of these modern standards to your home’s roof installation. Don’t endanger yourself with your own roof installation when you have roofing experts at your disposal.

Here are just a few of the steps we take to ensure a strong and dependable roof that can protect your home for decades.

Create a Deep Waterproof Barrier

Above the roof sheathing that provides the structural strength for your roof, we place down an underlayment, a complete waterproof barrier with materials that do not absorb or pool water. This can be either natural or synthetic, although we find synthetic materials last longer. We also install a drip edge with two layers of waterproofing materials, one underneath the underlayment and one above for the best protection possible. The shingles or metal sheeting is then installed to provide the primary protection against runoff.

Industry-Leading Ice Protection

When winter comes, one of the dangers a roof can face is bending under the weight of ice and snow. In some regions, the only way to prevent damage is to remove the snow manually with a shovel.

We want our clients to stay safe, so we install the latest roof customizations to prevent ice build-up beneath eaves. The roofing materials we work with also feature an ice and water barrier at the edge of the roof to keep anything frozen from adding unwanted weight.

Custom Roof Installation for Any Roof Type

We love that every home is unique. At Avamer Roofing, we work with a variety of different roofing materials to make your home stand out from the rest. From conventional shingles to copper and aluminum sheeting, we specialize in creating long-lasting roofs that not only function but also create a great first impression. No matter the shape and requirements of your roof’s specification, we will get the job done right on schedule and with the quality that you expect from the best.

Why Choose Avamer Roofing?

Based in Milton, DE, Avamer Roofing performs roof installations in Delmarva, DE, as well as the surrounding communities of Millsboro, Seaford, Rehoboth Beach, Lewis, and Dover. Locally owned and operated, Avamer Roofing prides itself on quick turnaround and high-quality results with every installation. We respond quickly to every client request, and we never miss an appointment!

Give Avamer Roofing a call today and schedule an appointment for an inspection and roofing installation that will last a lifetime.


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